Rachelle Blyth 

Reach Out Travel

Rachelle has worked in the Travel Industry for over 11 years now across a range of different areas including Wholesale, Leisure & Corporate travel. For three of those years, Rachelle focused on International Fares & Ticketing to gain extensive knowledge on how to construct & price fares manually. This ability can sometimes mean her clients can take advantage of cheaper fares that cannot be obtained online. 

Rachelle takes pride in her work and is constantly striving to build her relationships with all of her clients. Some of her current clientele include employees at both the Royal Childrens & Womens Hospitals. Rachelle how understands how important it is to these clients, in particular, to keep their costs down wherever possible as this means that they are able to stretch their CME budget even further. 

One of the personal services that Rachelle offers is communication to advise when airlines release specials. A busy schedule can sometimes mean that arranging travel plans are often pushed back until the last minute which often result in high priced fares. Rachelle believes that by communicating with her clients as early as possible they are able to take advantage of the cheapest fares available!

You are welcome to connect with Rachelle on LinkedIn or contact her by phone on 0433 483 578 or by email

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