A Day in the Life of A Travel Agent

Have you ever wondered about what it is that makes a travel agent the most important part of your trip? Travel agents can be the key to your relaxation levels on holiday; it can be the difference of placing your stresses on their shoulders.

Travel agents are passionate in making your getaway a memorable experience and take pride in being able to be part of making it happen.

Josh describes what it is like on a typical day to be a travel agent:

  • Being Passionate: Josh loves to make his clients’ travel dreams into a reality. For him making a friendship with the client and seeing their passion of where they want to travel makes him extremely dedicated to making the trip one of a life time (or for some lucky people a multiple experience!).
  • Keeping Up to Date: With the world changing everyday it isn’t a surprise that travel agents need to keep themselves up to date on the most recent travel information. Josh loves to keep up to date with business related emails but more importantly to travel himself. Being able to use his own personal experiences of a place makes a great difference on recommending certain places to go!
  • Sticking to Deadlines and Staying Available: You can be sure that travel agents are someone you can trust with the level of pressure they have in sticking to deadlines. While you are on your trip you can be confident that Josh will be available to you whenever you need him. So even if there is an unfortunate emergency you can let Josh save the pressure from you!

Josh is committed and excited to meet every new client so call 1300 761 901 to let him make your next holiday a breeze!

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