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Australia closing borders

In a major escalation of the Coronavirus crisis, Australia has decided to halt all travel to the nation.

Only Australian citizens and permanent residents can come into the country from 9PM Friday the 20th March 2020.

The government has said the lockdown of Australia will last at least 6-months.

“The prime minister said this will go for six months or more and they won’t be lifted until it is safe to do so, until we are on the other side of this very, very challenging period.” the Australian Treasurer said on radio.

Australia is closing its borders to all foreigners after hundreds of cases were recorded, almost all from overseas transmission into Australia.

Australia is set to hit 1,000 cases today if the rate of infection continues as it has been this week.

All non-Australian residents would be barred from entering the country from 9pm (1000 GMT) on Friday. Today.

Update: Australia is now closed off from the rest of the world

“For the next six months we need to work together,” Morrison told Australians in a televised news conference. “We do need to moderate our behaviour and understand things need to change.”

The move comes just a day after Australia said nationals should not travel overseas and should return home.

Australians are now stranded overseas after coronavirus closed borders, slashed flights and prompted nationwide lockdowns have said they feel abandoned as they struggle to make their way home.

Many airlines are facing the loss of business, with Qantas and Virgin Australia halting all overseas flights.

Australians overseas are spending thousands to come home as soon as possible, before airlines stop flying into Australia tonight 20-03-20.

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