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Choosing Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination


The captivating beauty of Maldives is no secret for everyone and if you travel by air you could have witness the dramatic sight from above. Snorkeling is the best activity for you discover the marine and coral life of the island. However, you should also consider that Maldives is not a place for you to enjoy nightlife or shopping.


Seychelles has its luxury hotels and hotel islands. This place is a haven for photographers who love to take more diverse scenery plus the greater presence of land wildlife and tropical birds. Take note that Seychelles is so expensive so better for you to do negotiation to have the best value on your honeymoon and start your romantic journey.


Dubai could be one of the greatest honeymoon destinations that you could have in your list. Diversity is Dubai’s essential asset where staying in different kinds of hotels form Indian to Malaysian plus enjoying the abundance of shopping malls and traditional marketplace. You will surely enjoy both Ski Dubai or explore the desert and take a ride in a 4x 4 vehicle o the dunes.

St Lucia

The Caribbean should not be forgotten in considering your memorable honeymoon and St. Lucia could be one among its wondrous islands. A perfect backdrop for your romance, the Piton Mountains could add to your interests. Hotels on St. Lucia are known for its open bathrooms or guest rooms offering you genuine luxury as long as you can spend time with the insects. If not, try to consider this factor in your hotel selection.

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