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Dear Josh,

Earlier this year I came to you with the plan of my daughter and I traveling Europe for approximately four weeks after being highly recommended to you by a friend.

You had your job set out before you, as my daughter is in the Army and lives in Darwin, and is generally uncontactable due to work. But you took it in your stride to get to know us and after our initial meeting, in your office (myself) and via phone (my daughter) , you truly came through with an unbelievable package.

Whilst I did take more than 3000 photos, and bought 13 kilos of books back, the most outstanding thing, were the memories I now have of an unbelievable time with my daughter, who I do not get to see often due to her job. While I know you will be glad to hear that, you cannot believe what it meant to me.

The time and effort you went into, and the smallest details, made our trip so much easier. From skydiving in the Swiss Alps, to explaining the local transport systems, we really hit the ground running and saw so much more than we could have dreamed to without your help.

You were true to your word on accommodation, tour guides, your suggestion at purchasing all tickets with the ability to jump the queue, and your local knowledge set us up for a truly wonderful experience.

The one thing you will never know how grateful we were for, is the night we emailed you to say

thank you for helping us get tickets to see Florence and the Machine in London. My daughter has seen this band all over Australia, and you emailed us back with complimentary tickets to her second show for the following night. Josh, this filled my heart with such gratitude, and such memories with Bai that I will keep forever.

Once again, thank you to you and your team. You made our dreams come true and every cent we spent well worth the hard work to have this trip.

Thank you so much.

Kindest Regards

Kylie and Bai

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