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Cool Tips to Escape the Rome’s Summer Heat

Traditionally, Romans spend their holidays in the mountains or seaside during the whole month of August to escape the unbearable heat in the city. Though you might think that many restaurants and shops are not available during holidays, well, there are still a lot of things to travel to stay cool in the eternal city.

1. Visit a modern day Natatorium
Though there are only few hotels that have private swimming pool but don’t worry about it coz you still have some options. On the top of Janiculum Hill, located at Grand Hotel del Gianicolo, is one great option for relaxation plus its best scenery and the magnificent Barouque fountains. The other one can be found just outside Villa Borghese located at Aldrovrandi Residence City Suites which is shaded by Mediterranean palm and pine trees in an aromatic and serene garden.

2. Get out of town
You might be tired of visiting Roman ruins and having shelter in Baroque churches, you should have gone out and explore. The island of Ponza is one of the most famous beach destinations in Rome. The full day trip provides boat rides around Pontine islands with the chance to swim in the clear grottoes and refreshing natural swimming pools in the Tyrrhenian Sea while enjoying eating pasta aboard the yacht.

3. Get underground
Though Rome’s temperatures can be extremely hot during the Summer, visiting the underground historic sites of the city will help you to cool yourself with their consistent cool temperature. Underground sites include the ancient Christian burial places on the.  While you help yourself to cool off and get an adventure, you also have the chance to understand Rome’s rich and complex history.

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