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Josh Zuker Travel featured in Rainbow Pride Australia

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Josh Zuker Travel was recently featured in Rainbow Flag Australia 

Hassle-free, personalised travel bookings – 24/7

You’re finally taking some holidays, you have a destination in mind and you don’t want to blow your budget. So you surf the many travel websites to plan and book your trip. After all, you can do it any time, 24/7.

But haven’t you got better things to do than trawl all those sites for the best deal?

While DIY travel bookings can be convenient, you’ve probably heard horror stories of hotel bookings getting lost, unexpected fees and taxes, not to mention having to endure tedious indirect flights just to save money.

The last thing you want before your holiday even starts is the headache of ‘online deal overwhelm’ and plans going wrong.

You don’t get that with a travel agent.

Whether you’re planning your next vacation or business trip, you get first class, personalised service and the best prices at Josh Zuker Travel.

Even better, Josh and his team come to you, when and where it suits. Josh and fellow agent, Rachelle Blyth, are as passionate about your travel plans as you are. Connecting with clients to build a trusting relationship is their secret to planning the best, most streamlined experience possible, and you only ever deal with the one agent, who understands your needs.

“I treat my clients like a friend, showing them I care. I am with them all the way, from the minute they book, to the moment they return,” Josh says. “I love sharing the world with my clients; creating the experience is one thing, but the journey is so rewarding because you see how excited they get.”

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Unlike other travel agents, Josh and Rachelle are available 24/7 – so you get the convenience of the websites, with a customised service they just can’t match.

“My flexibility to work outside normal hours allows me to suit clients’ personal and business needs,” Rachelle says. “I’m invested in your travels as much as you are! I’m not a traditional retailer, so I never close.”

With a combined 24 years working in travel, and being seasoned travellers themselves, Josh and Rachelle bring unmatched knowledge and expertise to creating your leisure, corporate, group and cruise experiences.

Knowing that time is money in business, they will arrange a seamless travel experience so you can get on with your work. From small business to large corporate travel needs, conferences and last-minute trips, they focus on your success.

If holidays are on your mind, they’ll listen to your needs, offer inspiration and get you the best deal on flights, cruises and accommodation, whether it’s just you, a couple or a group. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your personalised adventure!

And their hot destination tips?

“You can't beat New York City!” Josh says. “It's where dreams come true. I love being amongst the big city, exploring and watching the world go by.”

“The untouched, postcard-perfect views of the Caldera in Santorini are breathtaking,” Rachelle says. “Spending the day at the local markets, watching the sunsets and experiencing their way of living can breathe life and love back into anyone’s heart.”

For your next holiday or business trip, let Josh Zuker Travel share the world with you.

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