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Qantas & Princess Cruises Celebrate historic YES vote

Australia’s major cities transformed into all-night rainbow parties last night as the 61.6 percent of Australians who voted ‘yes’ for same-sex marriage celebrated their victory.

In case you missed the news (how this could be possible is beyond me), the historic ‘yes’ vote for same-sex marriage came back yesterday with more than half of respondents voting in favour of equal rights.

Australians took to the streets to celebrate the momentous occasion, while travel brands such as Princess Cruises and Qantas shared their excitement through rainbow flags.

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Princess Cruises’ 2,600-passenger Golden Princess sailed into Sydney yesterday with a huge rainbow flag covering the front deck.

The giant 24.5-metre by 18-metre banner signified support for the ‘yes’ vote in the national survey on the part of Carnival Australia, which accounts for seven cruise brands including Princess Cruises.

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“Carnival Australia joined with other organisations in advocating a ‘yes’ vote in the survey because we saw marriage equality as the right thing to do and a matter of fundamental fairness,” said Carnival Australia Executive Chairman Ann Sherry.

Qantas celebrated the exciting news with celebratory posts across its social media pages.

The airline proudly changed its Facebook icon to a rainbow tale:

And shared an image of its staff members literally jumping for joy:

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Did you see any other brand celebrating the historic YES vote?

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