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For all my family and mates. You know I’ve never been precious about where you book your travel in the past. I always have worked on the premise that there is enough business for everyone.

However I will ask this of you all when moving forward when everything is calm again and your confidence to travel has returned.....by all means research your travels online, but please don’t point and click and give your money to a soulless multinational online business.

You have a local agent somewhere in your town or suburb. Find them. Ask around and get a recommendation. Take your travel plans in and have a conversation with them. Ring them. I promise you, it will cost you no more than what’s online direct with the airlines, cruise line or hotels.

By doing so you will be doing the following :

* Keeping your money in the community

* Supporting a local business that employs people within your community

* Keeping your local Main Street businesses thriving

* Supporting a business that values your business

* Spending your money in Australia

* Using a business that has most likely paid for accreditation and licences to trade with our industry standards.

* Hopefully starting a personal relationship with a professional who will get to know you and your needs for all of your adventures.

* Having access to the latest information on whatever disaster is happening (there’s always something random happening!). We are the first to get updates on anything affecting the industry to advise our clients.

Some of these businesses are in communities that have recently been affected by drought, floods and bushfires. Sometimes all three! Many of them are independent and small business owners. They would be so touched and grateful if you gave them a call to discuss your travel plans and told them you wanted to shop local.

I think one thing I have learned from 2020 is to be more thoughtful with how I spend and where I spend it. We won’t have our small businesses much longer if people purchase everything online. I’m trying to support as many Australian businesses as I can and I’ve been blown away by some of the gorgeous retailers we have.

You have a personal hairdresser, beautician, financial planner, mechanic, local cafe.... it’s really time for you to find your trusted travel advisor. Yes, there are some cowboys out there (like in every industry) but if you take the time to find an advisor that’s the right fit for you, I can promise you, in times like these, you will be so happy you did.

I get asked all the time, “how do you even exist when people can book online?”. It’s because almost every advisor I know, from Port Douglas to the Barossa Valley, from Launceston to Wagga Wagga and everywhere in between are fantastic professionals and exceptional humans. We have survived because we continually evolve our businesses, invest in our people and because we offer something the Internet can’t give you, reassurance, service and a human connection. They are that good they are better than a website!

We have had so many people calling us for advice that haven’t actually given us the business. They’ve booked online, and yet we still are gracious and help as best we can.

In this age of the Internet, please let’s get back to connecting and transacting within our local communities and help them rebuild.

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