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The countdown begins

From VCAT notices, legal demand letters, verbal and written abuse, and not to mention the amount of money lost, the Travel Industry has been left decimated and I for one, am sick and tired of how people (the small minority) have treated me, personally.

I have received and been a victim to all of the above. Many of my clients have accepted the matter as is and I am EVER SO GRATEFUL.

Though, as recent as of last week I received a VCAT demand and court hearing of which, I told the Officer there is nothing more to talk about, and I hung up on them!

Every travel agent out there has fought with everything that they have got! Hundreds of travel agents have closed their offices, lost their jobs, sold their houses to survive, and much much more.

The world stopped within the Travel Industry on the 20th March 2020 and, every single agent fell on their knees and began their worst nightmare. That of course was to cancel 100's of bookings and undo everything that was done months prior. With zero rules in place on how we were to handle this was beyond our control.

So many agents like myself have appeared in the media spotlight representing the industry, and so many MP's have spoken on their behalf. However, if nothing changes this coming month, then there will be NO industry.

What will our Government do?

Will this fight rescue us rightfully to keep us afloat, and to survive until the International Borders open and travel somewhat resumes without restrictions.

I don't have the answers, but I bloody well hope so, otherwise, I'll be lining up with many at the local Centre Link Office at the end of this month.

Every agent out there has been in tears, had sleepless nights and much much more. WE DON'T DESERVE THIS.

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