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The uncertainty of travel

Over this past few weeks, I have had many phone call discussions with clients feeling sorry for myself, my company, and compassionate, expressing their sorrow for which I have been so thankful.

I have been in the travel industry for 20 years, and have built up a travel brand over the past 7-8 years. Tonight, for the first time in my life, I stood in the supermarket and imaged my experience working here. I had a tear in the corner of my eye, and I stood still for a moment. I had my mask on, and I thought to myself that tonight is the first night that I guess took me back to March 2020 when Covid-19 started, but we didn't know the full impact or the result of what it would be like in months to come. (this was said in kindness and in no way harm, or in disrespect to all those working in the supermarkets)

With a world that is full of the complete unknown and a 'new norm' for wearing face masks and sanitising where ever you go this is something that is and will go down in history to tell our children and grandchildren.

On a business front, as you know, the Hampton office is now closed, and will not re-open. Thank you to everyone that dropped in and made it our place of travel. It will be sadly missed!

In terms of your 'refund/s' - there is a massive backlog that as a team are working through. We are finding delayed responses from suppliers also, so this means our response time to you will be extended.

In terms of your 'credit notes/ vouchers' - we fully understand that this option may not be suitable and may not be viable to you, however, we note that this is not our decision. This is the option that the principle has offered you, as the client, via our agency.

We also note that you may think, or believe you are entitled to receive a full refund, or full credit, though, this may not be the case. There are many factors to consider which are in our terms and conditions of the documentation we send out.

Please note that for both a unpaid refund options and credit notes we, Josh Zuker Travel do not have, or holding your funds. All funds that have not been refunded or held in credit are 100% held with those principles assigned with your previous booking arrangements.

Josh Zuker Travel does not take any responsibility for if a principle is to go or in involuntary administration. We also note that our agency cancellation fees apply, along with the commission previously paid to us, will not be refunded. We also understand the complete frustrations around this, though, everything we are doing for you and for free and with all the changes occurring we have no control over any part of it.

Many discussions had around when travel will re-open; and for what I can say is that I, like you, do not know. I understand that you may have a credit note in place until mid, 2021, or end of 2021 - and want to travel in 2022 but concerned if my company, and/ or principle will still be operating. All I can say is that right now, and I do not have the answers.

I understand and appreciate all concerns raised and speaking on behalf of the entire travel industry, and we are human beings that just like your children should be treated with respect. Yes, we are doing it tough. Yes, we have it hard, but flip the coin, and I understand that the situation just maybe different, but the circumstances are still the same.

The information that you find online relating to your booking may not be right, and it may even be a scam. The fact of the matter is that a reputable travel agency has made your previously booked travel arrangement and all monies have been paid to third party businesses. Therefore cancellation fees are 100% outside of our control exist.

On a personal note, I understand that some clients have already received our revised refund/ credit documentation and for those that haven't - I am working in departure date order. Please bear with me, and my team as we are doing the best we can in an industry that has no light ahead, or at least a clear direction.

With many friends with businesses forced to shut their doors, my heart goes out to them. With many companies incurring loss and also, many employees losing their jobs, I am left speechless. With limited assistance and strict terms from the government and zero response from local MP's all I can say is that I thank you for everything you have ever given me for both personal and business.

Everyone that has met me at a cafe or even welcomed me into their home thank you so much. Those that went the extra mile and offered lunch, or dinner as part as the consultation, thank you so much. Everyone that has referred my business to their friends, or family members, thank you again.

It's without you that I wouldn't have been able to grow. I was told today by a client who I have met once that one of the reasons why she had liked my type of business was due to that I was 'personal'. With a smirk on my face, while I write this; I thank every one of you who has welcomed me, and for all the reviews written and said about me, I hope to see you in a better year in 2021.

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