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Travelling in Outback Australia

It is a pleasure hearing from our clients when they come home from their travels full of content. For our clients, Agi and Neal, travelling to the Northern Territory was just that!

We just wanted to say thank you for organising this beautiful trip to the Heart of Australia! It was a magical trip that truly captured our hearts and we’ll definitely do it again!

Our first stop was at the Alice Springs Desert Park. Word of the wise, please plan more than two hours here! It’s such an amazingly beautiful park, with desert flora and fauna most of which we have never seen before. Plus there are activities all through the day; that explains the lives of animals and even aboriginal bush-tukka.

As soon as we arrived we had the feeling that the six days we had planned were never going to be enough!

Our major luck was that it rained about three weeks before we arrived, so we saw this amazing mixture of light green, golden yellow and the redness of the earth!

The sunset at Uluru was a highlight of our trip. Seeing such an iconic rock; well it does take your breath away!

As our shadows were growing, the sun comes close to dipping to sleep, you can’t take our eyes off Uluru. It’s magnetic. It’s majestic. It’s magnificent!

One afternoon we went to look at Kata Tjuta. Even though the guides explained the geology, still can’t stop feeling that there was some magic involved in their creation! The sunset over Kuta Tjuta is like no other.

Our A Town like Alice tour exposed us to some of Alice Spring’s great tourist attractions including:

• School of the Air: This school provides education to primary aged school children living on remote properties throughout the Northern Territory. Just shows, if there’s a will there’s a way. With amazing people who make it possible.
• The Telegraph Station: This opened our eyes to the first explorers; we had always thought the first explorers had to be incredibly brave or utterly insane. But without them Australia wouldn’t be as we know it!
• The view of Alice Springs from Anzac Hill: It’s an interesting town. As one of the guides said: it’s like an island. Its closest neighbours are roughly about a 1000 kilometres in any direction. You don’t just pop over to sightsee. It’s a harsh land, harsh climate but with amazing people! It is far from boring with events on everywhere you turn.

There is so much that we experienced and there’s so much that just landed on our list to explore further! Australia is truly the Lucky Country. Thank you, Josh, for all your help!

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