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Travelling More In 2015

Ever made a New Years Resolution you couldn’t keep? Stop the feeling of a failed year by making an easier resolution… travelling more!

The New Year should be a chance for you to reflect on the year that’s been and use it as a direction of where you want to be. So why not make taking time for yourself on a holiday your focus point for 2015. After all taking the time to unwind and relax can make you more focused on the year ahead.

Not sure of where to start? See the suggestions of how to start your year below:

  • Be Adventurous: The ultimate holiday for the big kids at heart! Your getaway should be filled with plenty of exciting activities and time to try new things. Great places for the adventurous include Thailand and New Zealand with activities including sea canoeing, zip-lining and bungee jumping
  • Rest and Recover: If 2014 was a hard and stressful year take the time to spend your days in complete relaxation. Take your pick from any of the renowned retreats worldwide. Some popular retreats include Five Elements in Bali and Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay
  • Learn Something New: If your keen to learn something new next year than use your travelling experience to learn about other cultures and yourself. Talking to locals and becoming familiar with new places can be a truly enlightening experience.

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