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We always love hearing from our friends about their travel plans, and Sarah and Ryan’s upcoming trip to Nepal in January is going to be a trip of a lifetime!

Sarah and Ryan have raised $2,000 each to help provide an $8,000 classroom to the village of Langtang, which was severely affected by the Nepal earthquake that hit the nation earlier this year.

With the construction of the classroom expected to begin by the end of this year, Sarah and Ryan have scheduled their trip to spend five days finishing off the build and seeing their hard work pay off

We will be hiking the renowned Poon Hill Trail with stunning views over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges as well as countless snow-capped peaks.

We will then be working in the Pulkharka village in Shading region where we will help to rebuild 5 classrooms using earth bag technology. This is flood, fire and earthquake proof and during the project we will be teaching local villages how to build effectively with this technique that they will then bring back to their respective villages to spread their learning.

At THISWORLDEXISTS we are very excited to show people a different way of travelling – a way that fills the hearts and souls of travellers and those in which we visit.

Do you want to make your next travel adventure count towards the lives of those that need it the most?

Visit THISWORLDEXISTS for upcoming programs or contact Josh Zuker Travel for more travel inspiration.

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