We still do not know further details!

With nearly 500 individual travel sectors cancelled over the past 12 months, equalling 2.5 Million Dollars, payments to date which we (as a team) have been refunded to our clients is a total of 1.2 Million Dollars! With ZERO income earned for 12 months, except for Job Keeper, which has only helped slightly pay bills, I was forced to sell my house to survive.

The payout of the house settlement will only scrape the surface to pay 80% of the bills. However, this will still leave me in around $100,000 worth of debt, which will be impossible to find.

The position of the company is as of 24th March 2021 for the clients of Josh Zuker only;

  • Credit note value; $110,377.31
  • Refunds pending; $39,417.02

For the past 12 months, I have, like every travel agent out there has never experienced such debt, let alone zero income. I have never experienced such devastation within the industry alone and paid the amount of refunds that I have. I know that this has caused me anxiety, stress, and of course, tears.

The industry fell on its knees on the 20th March 2020 when the International & Domestic borders closed.

We have seen hundreds of thousands of staff be made redundant. Companies go into administration, airlines, and cruise liners stored in graveyards, plus hundreds of hotels close their doors. We have seen retail and corporate office spaces close for good, and airports worldwide become ghost towns.

We have also been witnessed to abuse, both verbal and emotional and have received legal threats and letters of demand to return funds which we do not have, and attend VCAT court hearings. We have also had to repeatedly explain to clients about the constant change of the policies, which have nothing to do with us and how the principal can change their ways when they wish.

The fight to cancel subscriptions to operate the business and reduce technology life for the travel agent in the past 12 months has not been the dream they used to have, which was to sell dream destinations to their clients! Not mention the constant conversations with lenders, financial companies and landlords.

The financial strain for many, including myself, has, of course, created a tremendous amount of anxiety. The pain that goes along with that has been beyond words. I have been vocal within the media - click button below for further details.

As to what happens from 1st April 2021, I can't tell you. For all, I do know is that if I had the opportunity to receive the actual amount of the 'grant' for the GST/ Turnover, which was a complete shamble, that would assist greatly. However, if the 'loans' being offered are legit and will favour me, this would give me the complete financial freedom to pay the entire debt and consolidate the finances.

We do not know what the criteria are but what we do know is that we can apply as of the 1st April 2021. The future for the Travel Industry is incredibly daunting, not to mention everything else that is happening.

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