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Writing Reviews for Better Air Travel Experience

Great memories are one of the most priceless things that you can have in travel experience. Every time you talk with travelers, you need to know how they feel with their travel like after they arrived in the airport. Isn’t it more caring and friendlier to know how the airline services are going on and if the passengers are happy about it?

Well, I think you would be more hopeful and positive about creating an avenue to cater feedbacks and concerns of our dear customers. With TripAdvisor’s new airline reviews platform, a newly redesigned Flights search service and beta launch of its flyscore that gives ratings on the quality of every air travel itinerary for consumers, airlines will now be receiving compliments and criticisms.

This initiative is really a breakthrough to enhance transparency in the marketplace that would surely give the chance for the consumers to compare flight options and choose the best one that would give the better traveling experience.

According to TripAdvisor, 88% of Aussie travelers welcome airline reviews. In fact, majority express their interest to write reviews to benefits other consumers. You’ll surely be delighted to receive a good recommendation from a friend of which airline will give you a better service and tell others as well.

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