If you answer 'yes' to one or more of the below, then please contact our team if we have not been in contact with you already.

  1. Has the airline cancelled or scheduled changed your flights?
  2. Has your cruise been cancelled, or scheduled changed? Has the tour company cancelled or scheduled changed your departure?
  3. Has the accommodation advised a 14-day quarantine warning?
  4. Has the Australian Government advised a full travel ban on your destination?

Current booking 'status' options:

  1. Your existing booking is in a current full or partial cancellation stage which has occurred by the principle/s involved within your "booked" travel arrangements; or
  2. Your existing booking is currently confirmed by the principle/s involved within your "booked" travel arrangements; or
  3. If you have already received documentation around the valid status of your existing travel arrangements we request that you sign the electronic document as soon as possible to avoid further reminders.

Our Agency:

  1. If we don't return your phone call or email within 24 hours, please wait until we can respond to you.
  2. If you wish to schedule a call with our team, we suggest you text your consultant on their individual phone number to arrange this.
  3. We are not holding your funds on file unless we have already submitted a refund, however, until refunds have been reconciled and accounted for we won't be processing these.
  4. All signed documents must be in place before we proceed with your refund that is if you are entitled to one.
  5. If we have made contact with you already and you have completed our electronic signed refund or credit documentation - please note that refunds due to unprecedented times. Expect a delay of up to 6 months of lodgement.
  6. Josh Zuker Travel is not responsible should an airline, cruise liner, hotelier or coach tour company become insolvent and or, go into voluntary administration.


  1. Unfortunately, you are unable to make contact with the Principal/s involved within your booking due to privacy - this includes airlines, hotels, cruise liners and coach companies.
  2. The Principal stipulates the terms of a Credit or Voucher offered, and Josh Zuker Travel does not have any rights to override the decision made.
  3. The RBA has written to the Card issuing banks, Card Acquiring banks and Card Schemes about reasonable and fair dealings for travel agents at these unprecedented times and the following outlines the detail. For full information around this please click here.
  4. As per our terms, Josh Zuker Travel in line with the ACCC has advised that if your travel is cancelled due to government restrictions, this impacts your rights under the consumer guarantees. The terms and conditions of your contract will determine what cancellation/service fees may be applied. This may also include any ‘force majeure’ clause which may limit liability or detail what is to occur in such circumstances. If this is not stipulated, the pandemic may give rise to what is called a ‘frustrated contract’ at common law or under legislation in some States. This allows our agency to charge a ‘reasonable expenses’ to be deducted from your processed refund.
  5. Travel agents act as agents Travel agents, in most circumstances, act as agents for the supplier (the airline, hotel, cruise, tour company). In almost all circumstances, the funds are transferred to the supplier and not held by the travel agent. The supplier, not the agent, determines in most cases whether you receive a credit or a refund depending on the terms and conditions of purchase. Please understand that when a booking is made through an agent, the money is passed on to the supplier (i.e. airline, hotel, cruise, tour company). If a refund is applicable, the agent has to wait for that money to be paid back to the agent before the agent is in a position to pass the money back to the consumer. If the end supplier is offering a credit, the agent is only in a position to offer a credit.
  6. The terms and conditions advised by the airline and suppliers will determine if you are entitled to a "cash refund" or "credit voucher" for future travel use.
  7. If you are choosing to cancel your booking before a policy is released, or with your booking arrangements still in place, or without the government applying a full travel ban on your destination then you are liable for the cancellation fees that should occur.
  8. If the airline, a cruise line or coach tour company has not cancelled your travel plans and you are choosing to cancel your travel plans, please be advised that you take the risk that full cancellation fees to your booked product will apply.
  9. Should you choose to cancel your booking "because", unfortunately, this will not qualify for a cash refund. Where possible a refund is not feasible for the likes of some airlines, cruise liners and coach tour companies they, in turn, are allowing you to re-book within a specific time frame, but have this credit extended until 31 December 2021 and now some until sometime in 2022.
  10. If you have purchased Covermore Travel Insurance or NIB Travel Insurance through Josh Zuker Travel, these policies will not cover you for the "credit shell" loss. These credit shells have been offered to you 'the consumer' in place of a cash refund. We, the agency, do not hold responsibility for the cancellation policy being changed at any given time.
  11. ACCC has advised and confirmed that when a credit note, if offered this is unable to be exchanged for a cash refund.

We understand that there is much frustration and confusion in the market about travel agents charging cancellation and/or service fees.

AFTA strongly supports you in your continued use of fees where appropriate, and where they are reasonable. There is nothing in the most recent communications by the ACCC to suggest otherwise.

AFTA has produced this Fact Sheet to help you educate your customers about the role of Agents and why it is fair that you may charge a reasonable service fee for the work you undertake to assist a customer cancel, amend, or book travel.