Fee structure

When making your next booking with Josh Zuker Travel you will enjoy dedicated and professional service along with a wealth of travel knowledge and personal attention. We offer personalised one-on-one commitment and travel recommendations based on your individual needs and requirements.

The fee structure is in place so we can work closely together with shared commitment. We make little margin from actual Travel & Accommodation so this amount covers us so we can remain objective and recommend what you actually need (compared to how other providers recommend what makes them more money).

Based on your needs, we deliver a one-on-one consultation, taking into consideration your busy schedule and preferences. This fee will be charged at the end of our consultation in addition to booking deposits (we then advise payment terms and the like).

Fee Listing

Business hours are Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM & Saturday 9AM to 12PM (AEST). Appointments outside of these hours will incur the following fees: $85 per person (capped at 2 hours) with the 3rd hour and beyond that charged at $25 per hour / per person. The first change from us if free and there is a $45 fee per itinerary change (after bookings have been made – this is to cover our supplier fees which we incur).

Merchant Fees

As all banks charge merchant fees please be aware as of the 1st July, 2014 all fees will be added to your invoice. Visa, Amex and MasterCard 1.75%.

After Hours Emergency Assistance

Around-the-clock “After Hours Emergency Assistance” is available if you have problems while traveling overseas or interstate. If your situation requires additional amendments to your booking you may incur additional amendment fees from your selected airline or ground supplier along with our fee of $150 per booking, per hour.

We do our best to absorb as many fees as possible to provide as much value as possible for our clients. To learn more, contact us here.

Schedule of Fees

"Cancellation Fee”

Tickets voided (NOT CANCELLED) via Josh Zuker Travel Ticket Office AUD $25.00 pp. Full cancellation fees apply to all tickets, fees can be advised at time of booking. Please check with us to be sure the ticket you're purchasing will suit your criteria. All airlines will charge different fees, no matter what type of ticket you're purchasing, some also being NON-REFUNDABLE.

Note: Tickets must be cancelled on day of issue or otherwise be subject to refund conditions and charges.

"Reissue Fee”

Voluntary changes requiring reissue via Josh Zuker Travel Ticket Office AUD $45.00 pp

Voluntary changes requiring reissue via another third party (paid to Josh Zuker Travel) Ticket Office AUD $25.00 pp

Involuntary changes due to airline schedule changes are subject to Josh Zuker Travel Ticket Office fee AUD $25.00 pp (and or third party ticket office). If the airline chooses to waiver their fee, our ticketing fee of min. AUD $25.00 pp still applies.

Re-validation fee NIL Refund fee AUD $55.00 pp

Note: Additional fees will be charged by the airline, at their discretion. All supporting documentation must accompany your refund request. Fare and tax difference may apply to your reissue, which will be in addition to any ticketing fee charged.

Refunds cannot be processed without supporting documentation. Refunds are subject to airfare conditions. Refunds may take up to 6-12 weeks.

"Other Service Fees"

Non commissionable airfares/carriers AUD $35.00 pp