I will state and make you all aware that these rumors are false. Update as follows;


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  • Hampton (Hampton Street) Office Location
  • Frankston (Nepean Highway) Office Location
  • 1300 761 901
  • AFTA License 2021/22
  • Tramada (invoice system)
  • Several business applications
  • Office email address

Team Members 'not trading' with Josh Zuker Travel

  • Emma Prosser
  • Robyn Wright
  • Michael Kiag

Team Members 'trading' with Josh Zuker Travel

  • Josh Zuker
  • Rachelle Blyth
  • Lisa Gammon

*We are managing refunds and credits only!

Josh Zuker Travel manages approximately $200,000 worth of travel credit notes amounts the consultant names mentioned above "trading" and awaiting approximately $50,000 worth of potential refunds.

"These credit notes remain in the form of credit and do not have the ability to have the rules changes by the principal to a refund. If you wish to take the matter further, such as VCAT, or the ombudsman, that is your choice. However, Josh Zuker Travel will not participate in such act".

Our agreement with Express Travel Group remains; however, we have removed full access to the platform for financial reasons. Therefore, limitations apply.

Josh Zuker Travel does not take responsibility if the principal involved in your "credit note" option goes into an administration status or becomes insolvent. The same applies if the pending refund becomes null in void.

Josh Zuker Travel is not holding additional funds on file and is not in a position to advise when your funds may be refunded as this is 100% out of our control. We do not control your money that has yet to be deposited into our business trading account. The principal pending refund list is lengthy. We all understand you may have been waiting 12 months + for this refund, though it is out of our control when this may be paid.

Josh Zuker Travel is not in a position to amend the rules of the credit note that is in place, which has been advised to you by the principal.

On a personal note, Josh Zuker is available via mobile contact and email only; however, he is not active within the business. Additionally, due to constant lockdowns, and border closures, both International and Domestic, the need to trade is impossible. Therefore, what is in motion is just handling refunds (when they are paid to us by the principal) and credit notes.


Josh Zuker